Death Rites & Ancestral Healing

We are not taught how to have a good death. We unfortunately live in a time where death is no longer honored and respected as a natural part of our lives. Death is now something the majority of people fear and will spend anything they have trying to avoid it.

We are fortunate that many traditions have preserved their death rites and ancestral healing modalities and have continued to hand them down. The difference between our culture and indigenous/tribal ones is that preparing for death starts long before death is an actuality. A good death was something a person actively practiced during their lifetime, much like we use mediation today. They have practices that teach them to heal their wounds and ancestral trauma before exiting their bodies.

Many memories (especially childhood memories) are reconstructed by the mind to be in alignment with our beliefs systems at that time. It’s through examination from another perspective they we can actually see what beliefs we created in response to the perceived trauma. It is these created beliefs that cause wounding and suffering.

For the dying:

Dying while not having faced your unexamined emotions and beliefs or unhealed trauma can make this natural and inevitable process seem terrifying for you and can be uncomfortable for your family to observe (also reinforcing their own fears of death). Allowing yourself to participate in your own life review and/or experiencing the death process before leaving your body can assist you in clarifying what is really important and the facts/circumstances/opportunities you missed due to the belief systems in place at the time. It can help to replace the fear/unknown with understanding. Also, by healing your trauma and wounds before leaving, you free future generations from any ancestral belief or behavioral patterns that were passed onto you.

Death is intended to be a peaceful and serene experience and you have a tremendous amount of control over your own.

For the living:

Death rites and ancestral healing can be performed at any point during one’s life. You can do a life review or go through the death process without actually dying at any time of your choosing. The death and review processes can help you can gain clarity about your life experiences and the beliefs you’ve made around them. You can see traumatic events from an outside perspective and receive valuable insights as to where your soul would like you to go. You can choose what to carry forward and what to leave behind.

For ancestors:

Assisting ancestors to have a good death can help to heal generational trauma and pain, no matter how far back it goes

Not everyone who dies chooses to cross over. Every soul has free will which includes how each soul experiences death. Some souls are so terrified that when the light appears, they run in the opposite direction. Some souls depart so quickly, that the shock and awe experienced by their families or their own fear keeps them from going into the light. If the soul doesn’t cross, they will choose to attach to a physical location, or family members/other loved ones sometimes for generations. This is not the place they are intended to be or how they are intended to exist.

Death rites for ancestors can help to release fear, experience forgiveness, heal and restore soul fragments and free their descendants from any distortions or misunderstandings.

Helping souls to cross and clearing land of trauma has been the most used aspects of my psychic medium abilities . Inspired by my second NDE, I began exploring death rites and ancestral healing training. Understanding how death can be another process to assist people in their healing has struck a deep and resonant chord within me. I realize how my gifts and training have been preparing me to be a Death Doula.

I offer these sessions in person if local, or virtually through Zoom.

60 min $250.

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