Sacred Flower Crystal Therapy and Reiki

A Sacred Flower Crystal Therapy session is an energetic modality consisting of Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing with Intuitive Guidance, Sound Healing, and Reiki

If you haven’t already, please watch my explainer video for this service 

These modalities can help you address: 

Feeling stuck, blocked, or off balance

Uncover hidden beliefs that prevent you from achieving your purpose

Feeling like a drained battery

Reset your vibration after a major life change or challenge

60 min $250

available in person or through Zoom

Transmuting trauma is not just a mental and emotional process. A common theme in these sessions are clients telling me how much work they’ve done and yet I still find the trauma actively vibrating and creating in their energetic field. Your energetic system does not lie. Trauma is not truly transmuted until there is no residue left in your energetic system. And this is where I serve as your truth mirror. I can see into the places you are unable/unwilling to look at and guide you through healing those energetic attachments.

Whatever is capable of being released during our session is what is what will be focused on. You won’t be the same person who walked in the door after this session, which is ultimately the goal.

Reiki Session $150

For those well on their journey doing their spiritual work and just need a tuneup, this session is for you


All new clients must book online and prepay for their first service. This policy has enabled me to have “zero” no-shows or last minute cancellations. Thank you for your understanding. All appointments require a credit card or gift certificate number to reserve your time.  A credit card must remain on file to book future appointments.

In consideration of my practice and other clients, cancellations or rescheduling appointments require a 24 hour notice to avoid being charged in full for your service.  Voicemails or texts received outside of normal business hours may result in being charged in full for your appointment.

For prepaid sessions that are cancelled at least 24 hours before the appointment time and a refund is requested; be advised there is a 10% credit card processing fee that will be deducted from your prepaid amount. This offsets the fees I am charged for both your purchase and your refund from my processor.

30 min or 90 min sessions are not booked on Saturday due to limited appointment availability.

For your convenience, you may download the intake forms to fill out prior to coming in for your appointment.  Remember to bring the completed forms with you to your session.  Please note that if you choose to fill them out at my practice, it may deduct time from your service. Forms are located on the online booking page

Please make alternative arrangements for your children.  On site childcare is not provided and children are not allowed in the therapy room unless they are the client.

Arriving late for your appointment will deduct time from your service

Gift Cards are valid for 6 months from date of issue.  If the card is not redeemed by the expiration date, the purchaser has an additional 30 days to redeem it.

No gift card can be redeemed for cash and the 24 hour cancellation and reschedule policy is strictly enforced

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