Personal Sound Healing Session

  • Are you someone who’s been on the spiritual path for a while?
  • Are you looking for your blind spots?
  • Are you drawn to music for mediation or to reset your vibration?

Sound Healing is an ancient modality dating back thousands of years. Indigenous cultures believed that it was sound that called the universe into being. Our ancestors understood what science is just now starting to, that we live in a vibrational field. Matter only appears solid due to it’s slower frequency.

Every thought and emotion is sourced from this field.

Since the 1970’s, sound healing research has documented how the frequencies produced by instruments affects the cells of our body and the reactions of the brain. It is amazing what has been found and I would suggest taking time to research this for your well being.

Sound healing research suggests that sound frequencies can :

  • increases relaxation
  • improve sleep quality
  • relieves anxiety
  • improves mood
  • physical pain management
  • relieves tension
  • supports overall well being
  • has been used as a complement therapy for addiction and PTSD

Our ancestors also used sound healing for

  • aligning chakras
  • balancing the energy field
  • promoting better experiences during meditation
  • improving intuition
  • anchoring the connection to the divine
  • discovering oneself in relation to the cosmos

Sound Healing was actually my first healing modality. In my early childhood, I learned that song and instruments strongly affected those around me and I was able to alter what felt like air in the environment. Being able to offer sound healing at this stage of my journey is like coming home. I now have the vocabulary to explain what I instinctively knew as a child; how frequency can heal the mind, body and spirit.

My education as a musician, my studies with elders and my own continuing spiritual journey, are the foundation that opens space to creating and cultivating your own inner healing

I do offer a monthly sound bath if you would like to experience this modality in a group setting before working one on one.

60 min $175

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