Soul Paintings

Interested in having a personalized Soul Painting?

The inspiration for Soul Paintings comes from a journey into non-ordinary reality to consult with your Helping Spirits.  Sometimes I am shown the full completed painting and other times I am shown the basic Sacred Geometry shape the painting will be based around.   I am also tapped in while I am physically painting your piece to receive any information that needs to be encoded on your canvas.  The paintings contain Sacred Geometry and Reiki Energy.

Recipients of my paintings have described them as feeling alive and they experience a combination of joyful,  peaceful, and zen like feelings when meditating on them.  They’ve commented on how they wish they could walk into the painting and visit the place that’s on the canvas.

I typically paint on a 16×20 canvas.  The painting is acrylic and oil, which will take approx. 3 weeks to cure properly before it can be shipped.

16×20 canvas $250

Other sizes are available, please contact me for a consultation.

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