A Shamanic Healing Session focuses on healing the fractures created when we experience trauma   The more trauma you’ve experienced, the more soul fractures you have that could require healing, integration, or releasing.  As a former psychotherapist, I realized it’s difficult to heal trauma when the parts that needed to be healed are fractured off and inaccessible in the moment.  I knew I needed to find another healing modality that addressed this.

In indigenous cultures, a Shaman was the person someone sought when they wanted to find the spiritual reasons behind dis-ease, dis-comfort, imbalance and unhappiness.  The Shaman had the ability to travel to what is referred to as non-ordinary reality or the Shamanic Realm (an altered state of consciousness) to meet with Spiritual Allies and bring back information needed for healing and/or stepping closer to your true path.

This is healing on the Soul Level.

Are you:

  • Depressed because you feel stuck?
  • Confused about which path to take at the crossroads?
  • Fearful of answering your Spirit’s call?
  • Feeling disconnected from Spirit?

Please feel free to contact me for more information and to see if this path of healing is right for you.

Note: This is not faith healing.  You are required to participate in the process and make the changes your guidance recommends in order to see the lasting changes your path is requiring.

A consultation is required before booking an appointment and are complimentary.  We can do this in person, via Zoom, or over the phone. 

Approx. 60 min session $125