A Sacred Flower Crystal Therapy session is an energetic modality consisting of Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing with Intuitive Guidance, Sound Healing, and Reiki (Usu, Karuna Healing, Violet Flame & Shamanic)

If you haven’t already, please watch my explainer video for this service 

These modalities can help you address: 

Feeling stuck, blocked, or off balance

Uncover hidden beliefs that prevent you from achieving your soul’s goals

Experiencing “Ascension Flu” 

Feeling like a drained battery

A way to reset your vibration after a major life change or challenge

60 min  $125

Reiki Classes

My classes include the traditional Usui method as well as training in intuitive development, energy balancing, and healing with  Helping Spirits.

Reiki 1  $200

This level is learning about self healing.  One cannot give from an empty cup, so you learn to care for yourself before giving to others.

Reiki 2   $325

This is the practitioner level, where you learn to use Reiki on others for healing.  This class is available 30 days after the completion of Reiki 1.

Reiki 3   $450

This is the Master/Teacher level and enables you to teach Reiki and pass the attunements onto future Reiki practitioners.   This class is available 3-6 months after completing Reiki 2 in addition to professionally performing Reiki sessions on clients.  It is the Reiki energy that ultimately trains you, so professional experience is required for the level.