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    Say yes to the life that is calling you!

    I created these programs in response to client requests for additional support following their Shamanic Healing Sessions or Soul Mentoring Sessions.  The steps you may need to take to live your most authentic life can seem huge and daunting and for some this has paralyzed them in to inaction.

    I really want you to be successful in manifesting the life that is a joy to live.  Most healings are simply a shift in perspective; aligning yourself with the solution and not staying stuck in figuring out the problem.   Change can happen very quickly if you allow it.

    These heart based, spiritually orientated programs allow me to give to you everything that I have studied, trained in, researched, practiced and learned from over the past decade. There is no judgement; there is no road in hell that I haven’t personally paved, no mountain I haven’t already fell off of, no path that I haven’t stumbled and skinned my knee on.   I know how difficult the obstacles can appear to be and having a Mentor can give you the powerful edge you need to succeed.

    You don’t have to be local to experience these programs.  The Shamanic Healing Sessions, Soul Mentoring Sessions, and Shamanic Journeying: The Basics Workshop  we’ll do by Skype, Google Hangout, WhatsApp, etc.  Reiki is just as effective by distance and it is in person.  If you feel guided to work with me, please feel free  to book a complimentary consultation online.


    30 Day Program:  Jump Start   Investment  $600


    If you are very clear on the 1 or 2 significant changes that you desire to make and are ready to get there now, this fast paced mentoring program is for you.


    Included in your program:

    • Shamanic Healing Session

    Trauma can cause small fractures in your energy and I can see the places where you have left bits and pieces of yourself scattered outside of your present moment.  The Shamanic Healing Session helps to remove energies you have gathered that do not belong to you, bring back the energies you have scattered, and introduce you to helping spirits who wish to aid you in succeeding with your current goals

    • Soul Mentoring Session

    This session focuses on getting the brain and the body to work with you in co-creating the life you are wanting to live.  Guided meditations help to focus your mind, raise your cellular vibration and to connect with The Creator so that your present moment is solution focused

    • Reiki Session

    Reiki is an ancient energetic healing modality that can pinpoint energetic blockages that are typically mentally or emotionally created.  We will find any remaining triggers that inhibit your happiness

    • Unlimited text/email support
    • Journal (pdf)


    90 Day Program: Be Your Own Guru!   Investment $2000

    This program is designed for those that experience self-sabotage, procrastination, or are afraid of trying one more time and could benefit from a longer period of support.  By the end of this program, you will have learned how to navigate your inner world and will be empowered to face any challenges that lie ahead with grace and ease.

    Included in your program

    • Shamanic Healing Session
    • 3- Soul Mentoring Sessions
    • 3- Reiki Sessions
    • Journal (pdf)
    • Meditations (mp3)
    • Unlimited text/email support
    • Shamanic Journeying: The Basics Workshop

    This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of connecting with your Helping Spirits/Guides, your Inner Being and The Creator.  You will learn how to access all the information you will ever need to live the  life you were born for.


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