Your Personal Tour Guide Through Hell!

Beth came to me because she was having difficulty “staying happy”.  She could fake it for a while, however inevitably , she ended up feeling more and more apathetic in her life.  The weight of living a lie was showing up as being overweight, stressed out and on the verge of a divorce.   Her desperation to feel something different drove her to search for help. Through the 60 day Soul Mentoring Program, we were able to uncover the roots of her underlying story that continually led to behavior that could not support her in feeling genuinely happy.  She found her “why” and all the puzzle pieces came together.  She found exercise that she loves and looks forward to and the extra weight “just fell off”.  We discovered the stress transformation techniques that worked best for her so that she didn’t feel exhausted and at the mercy of everyone else by the end of the day.   By discovering more about who she authentically is, her marriage has been rejuvenated and is on a path that her and her husband are excited about. She used what she learned in our sessions to create a life she absolutely loves to show up for.

” I can’t believe the changes in my life in two months.  My original problem was to try and save my marriage.  I thought it was strange when  Crystal suggested that we actually work on me first and then decide if I wanted to work on the marriage.  Crystal challenged and encouraged me to get authentic about myself.  I quickly realized my marriage wasn’t a problem, my story was.  My husband is a good man and I am really lucky to have someone who wants to grow with me.   I did have to face some uncomfortable truths about my story which also led me to see my strengths and gifts.  I am so happy!  I highly recommend this program if you are wanting to change your story and get your real life back”….Beth

A Whole Being approach to Getting your life back!

For the first time in human history,  the number one life goal is to make sure our health span=life span

Unfortunately, we live in an unprecedented time in our history where what we consider normal stress is draining us faster than our cell phone batteries.

What can you do?

Optimal wellness is a multifaceted lifestyle.

  • feeling healthy, doing what you want with out pain
  • minds that can “get in the zone”, no brain fog, doesn’t plague you with incessant chatter,
  • having jobs that support connection and growth
  • experiencing authentic relationships
  • living a purpose driven life
  • having wealth, abundance, security
  • experiencing a daily connection to something larger than ourselves
  • wanting to experience happiness and joy on a regular basis

Most people live on auto pilot. Their life choices are made by the default programming that was actually created in times of stress and trauma.

emotions become thoughts

thoughts become the story

the story becomes beliefs

beliefs become behavior

behavior becomes your life  

 You have far more control over your life experience than you could’ve ever possibly imagined.  It can be very difficult to experience joy and happiness on a regular basis if your default programming is creating your life for you.   It’s very easy to get off track, get in a rut, and forget who you are here to be.  I know how difficult and insurmountable the obstacles can appear and having a Mentor can give you the powerful edge you need to succeed. (There is no road in hell I haven’t personally paved!) The Soul Mentoring program can guide you in how to successfully transform  stress into energy that continually works for you and not against you.    Think of this program as a school that specializes in helping you get back the life you were born to live! 

Please feel free  to book a complimentary consultation online to see if this program is right for you!

Individual Soul Mentoring Session 60 min  $150

30 Day Program:  Jump Start   Investment  $650

If you are very clear on the 1 or 2 significant changes that you desire to make and are ready to get there now, this fast paced mentoring program is for you.

Included in your program:

  • Shamanic Healing Session
  • 60 min Soul Mentoring Session
    • Each session combines techniques that specifically address your life challenges.   EFT (tapping),  Behavioral Strategies,  Bio Hacks, Meditation, Guided Journeys, Nutrition/Health Consulting are just some of the tools in the toolbox.
  • 60 min Massage Session with 30 Min Soul Mentoring
  • 60 min Reiki Session with 30 min Soul Mentoring 
  • Unlimited text/email support
  • Journal (pdf)

60 Day Program: Be Your Own Guru!   Investment $1300

This program is designed for those that experience self-sabotage, procrastination, or are afraid of trying one more time and could benefit from a longer period of support.  By the end of this program, you will have learned how to navigate your inner world and will be empowered to face any challenges that lie ahead with grace and ease.

Included in your program

  • Shamanic Healing Session
  • 60 min Soul Mentoring Session
  • 3- 60 min Reiki Sessions with 30 min Soul Mentoring Sessions
  • 3- 60 min Massage Sessions with 30 min Soul Mentoring Sessions
  • Journal (pdf)
  • Meditations (mp3)
  • Unlimited text/email support

Imagine living a life you actually want to show up for!