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    New Client   45 min   $50  (valid till 12/31/18)

    After listening to some of my new clients talk about how frustrating their experience was in shopping for a good massage therapist, I decided to run a wallet friendly  special to help out potential clients in a similar situation.  This session gives you enough time to try out my technique and see if we are a good fit.

    Lunch Special  25 min $35  valid Mon-Fri 11am-2pm only

    This service is more along the lines of sports massage… no oil…. no undressing… treatments.  Perfect for when you feel a headache coming on or you don’t have time for  full treatment.

    Active Licensed Massage Therapist  60 min $50

    Due to the continual decline in massage therapy incomes, I understand that a lot of you  are not in a financial position to afford quality self care.  As a care giver, keeping up on your own physical maintenance is extremely important for continuing your career.  I will verify your license with DORA before booking this special.

    Active/Retired Military  10% off full priced sessions

    Thank you for your service.  Military ID required for discount.


    These are stand alone discounts and are not available for gift certificate purchases. 


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