Ananta Jiva is Sanskrit for Blissful Spirit.  Crystal Burnham wanted her business name to reflect how she ultimately wanted her clients to feel while working with her.   She has helped almost 30,000 people get their life back since 1993.


  • Licensed Massage Therapist with over 3000 hours of training and 27+ years experience in multi disciplinary clinics, health spas and private practice
  • Internationally Certified Neuro-muscular Therapist
  • Certified Trigger Point Therapist
  • Reflexologist Certification
  • Certified Cupping Therapist
  • Aromatherapy Certification


Recognizing how strong the mind/body/spirit connection is to physical health, she pursued

  • Certification and Advance training as a Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner
  • Certified Master of Holistic Healing
  • Former Psychotherapist


  • Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui, Karuna Healing, Violet Flame, Shamanic Reiki)
  • Shamanic Practitioer/Teacher/Artist
  • Kidney Cancer Survivor
  • Ordained Minister

Completing her training as a Shamanic Practitioner in 2017 with Roxanne Roberts and Jim Haggins was the bridge that merged the intuitive abilities she was born with and the various healing modalities she has trained in. Personally, and most importantly to her, is that it was the path that brought her into a one on one relationship with The Creator and her Helping Spirits.

After surviving kidney cancer, Crystal realized that understanding the spiritual lessons underlying physical dis-ease was a huge part of her life’s purpose. Her own journey through this near death experience laid the groundwork to assist others in finding their own inner truth while bring to light the subconscious beliefs and emotions that inhibited health.

She is also an internationally published author.    Her books Becoming the Soul Mentor and The Awakened Feminine are available on Amazon.

Crystal feels very blessed to have the educational training  and life experiences of a healer.  She loves making a difference in people’s lives and she hopes her passion for this work translates into your sessions with her.